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WMS Top 10 Readers

Congratulations to the following students for being the Top Ten Readers for the Second Semester.
Please come by after announcements to receive your reward and to have your picture taken.
Great Job Everyone!

1st Place Baylee Hall 8th Grade with 82 Points
2nd Place Julia Buckley 8th Grade with 79 Points
3rd Place Chloe Lee 8th Grade with 77 Points
4th Place Makayla Pavelka 8th Grade with 67 Points
5th Place Tanner Jaster 6th Grade with 66 Points
6th Place Jace Kirkpatrick 7th Grade with 64 Points
7th Place Cole Bryant 6th Grade with 59 Points
8th Place Braxton Davis 7th Grade with 57 Points
9th Place John Hinkley 7th Grade with 54 Points
10th Place Brock Klander 7th Grade with 52 Points
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2017 WMS Final UIL Academic Results

West Middle School District UIL Results 2017
FINAL Results
1. Clifton 805.33
2. McGregor 729.5
3. Troy 412.33
4. West 403.33
5. Whitney 384
6. Bruceville-Eddy 353.5
7. Groesbeck 281

Calculator Applications-7th grade
4th place-Croix Dvorak
3rd place Team- Kaluza, McCullough, Dvorak

Chess Puzzle-6th grade
5th place-JR Pavlas
3rd place Team-Pavlas, Parker, Dvorak

Chess Puzzle-8th grade
3rd place-Kirk Zuehlke
2nd place Team-Zuehlke, Wolf, Kwast

Dictionary Skills-6th grade
4th place-Thomas Herrera

Dictionary Skills-7th grade
4th place-Alexis Duran

Editorial Writing-7th grade
3rd place-Chasin Smith

Editorial Writing-8th grade
5th place-Dayla Woodard

Impromptu Speaking-7th grade
1st place-Paycie Wake
3rd place-Lainey Willis

Impromptu Speaking-8th grade
1st place-Kylee Schroeder-Howard
4th place-Dayla Woodard

Listening-8th grade
5th place-Megan Darnell

Maps, Graphs, & Charts-6th grade
6th place-Jamison Parker
3rd place Team-Garduno, Veselka, Parker

Mathematics-6th grade
4th place-Cole Bryant

Modern Oratory-6th grade
1st place-Erika Wachsmann
2nd place-Brett Holloman

Modern Oratory-7th grade
2nd place-Jonathan Hill
3rd place-Erin Westmoreland

Modern Oratory-8th grade
1st place-Kirk Zuehlke
5th place-Liam Primrose

Oral Reading-6th grade
4th place-Alexa Arnold

Oral Reading-7th grade
3rd place-Quinlan Dobecka
6th place-Marley Gerik

Oral Reading-8th grade
4th place-Jailey LeDane
5th place-Lauren Scott

Ready Writing-6th grade
3rd-Emma Grochoske

Ready Writing-7th grade
1st place-Madalyn Honea
2nd place-Marley Gerik

Ready Writing-8th grade
4th place-Ava Compton

Science-7th grade
1st-Dustin McCullough
5th-Croix Dvorak
2nd place Team-McCulluogh, Dvorak, Busby

Social Studies-6th grade
1st place-Mark Kostecka
6th place-Patrick Janek
1st place Team-Kostecka, Janek, Lide

Social Studies-7th grade
4th place-Chasin Smith
3rd place Team-Smith, Gerik, Kirkpatrick

Spelling-7th grade
1st place-Lainey Willis
2nd place-Chasin Smith
1st place Team-Willis, Smith, Roessler

Spelling-8th grade
2nd-Sonia Perez
2nd place Team-Perez, Campbell, Veselka
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WMS Bookmark Winner Information

Congratulations to the following WMS students on winning the Bookmark Contest:
1st Place Sydney Solley
2nd Place Taylor Lackey
3rd Place Charmesha Henry
4th Place Owen Standerfer
5th Place Sam Lee
6th Place Mark Kostecka
7th Place Emily Morrison
There was a three way tie for 8th Place - Anthony Love, Payton Casper &
Erik Hannah. Thanks to all who participated!
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