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Math with Maertz

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year and more importantly, welcome to my 8th grade math class! My name is Lacey Maertz and I'm a 2012 graduate from West High School and a 2015 graduate from Texas A&M University. I'm a teacher, wife, and mother and I look forward to meeting all my students this school year! This is my fifth year being a certified teacher -- I spent the previous four years teaching math at La Vega Junior High. I'm honored to have been welcomed back to West ISD & West Middle School.
Growing up math was always my strong suit, and I hope to instill a passion for math in my students like my teachers did for me. I'm looking forward to bringing real world and culturally relevant scenarios into my classroom to help my students connect not only with the content being taught but with each other and me.
Go Trojans -- let's rock this school year!
Class Schedule
     1st & 2nd: 8th Grade Math Block
     3rd & 4th: 8th Grade Math Block
     5th: 8th Grade Math Lab
     6th & 7th: 8th Grade Math Block
     8th: Conference
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1st 9 Weeks
  • Value & Magnitude of Rational Numbers
  • Statistics with Univariate Data
  • One-Variable Equations, Inequalities and their Applications
  • Developing an Understanding of Slope and Y-Intercept
  • Proportional and Non-Proportional Functions
2nd 9 Weeks
  • Proportional and Non-Proportional Functions (continued)
  • Statistics with Bivariate Data
  • Transformational Geometry
3rd 9 Weeks
  • Angle and Triangle Relationships
  • Measurement of Three-Dimensional Figures
  • Financial Literacy
4th 9 Weeks
  • STAAR Review
I firmly believe school is a safe place where students can come eery day to further their education. It is my mission to provide a safe and fun learning environment where my students feel welcomed every day. Real world and culturally relevant scenarios combined with a fun/safe learning environment will make our students flourish.
Conference Time:
Regular Sched: 2:41 - 3:30
Adv/Pep Rally Sched: 2:44 - 3:30
Adv/Pep Rally Sched: 2:20 - 3:06
Contact Information:
phone: (254) 981-2120
     extension: 2197